The world is your oyster when buying a car, a line up from different automobile manufacturers and available for you to pursue. You may consider buying a sleek new sports coupe or a stripped down compact of even a fully loaded minivan to accommodate your family. With hundreds of different sedans, SUVs, trucks and sports cars if up to you to pick the model that is ideal for you.

Here are some things to look for when buying a car;
1) Safety: Safety should be the first thing to crop up in your mind prior to purchasing a car.You should check out the number of airbags, their status, where they are placed and how the car performs on significant safety trials. Other essential things include anti-lock brakes.
You ought to be very keen with all these even though some of them seem unnecessary in the beginning.

2) Design: Some individuals go for conventionally designed vehicles or stylish cars while others would want to buy cars that have the latest technological features and shapes.This may also extend to the color of the car, and it is important to some people especially those who believe that some colors are more visible than others in traffic.

Decide between Gear and Automatic: Stick –shift cars are not very different from automatic transmission cars in many aspects. There are those people who prefer using one leg while driving, and others who prefer to change the gears manually. Others feel that they are more in control when the car, they are driving, is a manual one.
3) Power: Most people desire cars that are powerful and with high horsepower; those with the ability pick up the pace from 0 to 100 in a couple of seconds. This is an important feature in defining the price of a car since a more powerful the car more costly.
4) Decide between used and new cars: For several years, there has been a higher demand for used cars making their prices go up. You may want a car that is within your budget and considering a used car over a new one. Each of them has its own trade-offs. Some tradeoffs with a used car include a fact that you may not know its history, high-interest rates and shorter warranty periods. A new car, on the other hand, have their trade-offs, but you will benefit from a full warranty, lower interest rates, and free maintenance.

5) Assess the total cost to own: Once you have a variety of cars in mind, check out for their costs and estimate the total ownership costs of each. There are independent information websites that can help you to determine the full cost of ownership, but you should know that the numbers could vary depending on your individual situation.

Automobile Things to look for when buying a car