The very first Honda CBR series was originally launched in the year 2011. This powerful Motorcycle is a single cylinder, four stroke engine. The Honda CBR 250R was designed to suit the emerging markets in regions like Thailand and India. As the years went by, the motorcycle is now available in the developed markets as well. These are Europe and North America with other select buyers coming in from Africa as well. The difference in the markets is that in North America and Europe, the 2016 Honda CBR 250R is positioned as a budget motorcycle whereas in Thailand and India it is positioned as a higher end sports bike.

The 2015 Honda CBR 250R has a twin head lamp cluster and a new body fairing. The first model that was released in the year 2011 had a single head lamp. The dual head lamp on the 2015 Honda CBR 250R looks more attractive and appealing and gives it a new signature look.

The new Honda will have two variants one which is ABS and the other one which is non-ABS. The other variants will only be factored in by the livery.The Honda CBR 250R has a Rake of 25.0 Degrees, a wheelbase of 53.9 inches, a seat height of 30.5 inches and weighs 357 pounds inclusive of equipment and fluids. It has a pro link single shock rear suspension with 4.07 inches of travel and a 37mm fork front suspension with 4.65 inches of travel.The engine of the 2015 Honda CBR 250R has an augmented power output. It has a dedicated 249.6cc liquid cooled engine.

This single cylinder engine produces 29 PS of power when running at 9000rpm and 23Nm of Torque when running at 7500rpm. This comes in a six speed gearbox which works in perfect synchronicity with the two. This sees a difference of -3bhp increment in performance from the previous model which gave a power output of 26bhp at 8500rpm and a torque of 22.90Nm at 7000rpm. This difference in power output is a significant boost to its overall performance. Honda worked on the fuel efficiency of this machine to an astounding 50.1 kilometers to the liter. This is provided if it is driven under special conditions at 60 Kph.

This bike is very affordable, and has great performance up its sleeves. It is a fun and capable ride. It is also characterized by an excellent build for quality, light weight,great fuel economy and great performance. It is highly reliable and it would be a great choice for anyone who is interested in acquiring a bike.

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