Apple will be launching iOS 9 at the WWDC 2015 event.

While there have been numerous ongoing rumors about what Apple might think of including in the latest iOS 9, credible sources suggest the company will focus entirely on major stability improvements.

What this means is that lovers of this OS have nothing much to expect in terms of new headline-grabbing features. However, there should be some wow moments for fans of iPhones and iPads, including those using devices that are a little older, for instance, iPhone 4S.

While the new iOS 9 will be launched at the WWDC event, only developers will be able to have it. However, there is a public beta version that will be availed for enthusiastic users to have a go and see what’s new in this OS. Beta versions of software apps are not stable. Thus, you have the alternative of waiting for the stable version, which will probably come out this Fall, together with a new iPhone.

So, what features do lovers of iOS wish to see in the new iOS 9 when it’s released?

Split-screen multitasking

The split-screen multitasking ability on Apple’s iPads is something that has eluded users for quite some time. If this is not the year we get to see this feature added to the new iOS 9, then we might have to wait another year before we get this feature. What this ability means is that finally, users of iOS 9 will be able to use two apps at the same time on their iPads.

Better music player

The iTunes Match is not that bad with its music playing feature.However, sometimes syncing playlists in the clouds is an issue. There are times when these playlists just disappear and at times it becomes impossible to create a new one. The list of issues goes on and on and it is still affecting those on the latest iPhone flagships. Hopefully Apple will come out with a better functioning music player that will enhance the music listening experience on iPhones and iPads.

Public transit on Apple Maps

Apple Maps is a cool navigation app for iOS users.However, it will be much better if the app received some basic improvements. One area this should happen is with respect to providing users with public transit directions. This will be a huge plus for users and the company itself as Google Maps already offers the service.


If you have come across Windows Phone smartphone, you probably have seen those tiles that help in accessing or monitoring an app without the need of opening it. These are examples of what users of iOS 9 expect to see. The inclusion of widgets in the notification drop-down menu of iOS 8 has really brought in some positive feedback, which is why Apple is expected to build on that and introduce live widgets in the coming iOS 9.

Install apps remotely

We live in a competitive world and as long as your competitor is doing it and succeeding, why not borrow a leaf? Apple users will love to see the ability of remotely installing apps from the web, just like Windows Phone and Android users can do.

Another thing millions of people would love to see work on their iPhones is the ability to move and transfer files and folders from a phone to PC and vice versa, just like on Android.

Easier access to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

While it is very easy to access the toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, airplane mode and many others, it is not that easy to get to Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth devices. You must go through the settings menu of the iPhone, which is quite a cumbersome process for such basic functionalities.

Improved integration with third party keyboards

Apple has previously been against third party apps, however, things begun changing last year when they opened the door for third party keyboards. However, they are nowhere near perfect as those of the company’s counterpart, Android. Just like Swype has been integrated into Android and Samsung keyboards and works perfectly, it would be a dream come true to see the same on iOS 9.

Wireless charging

Apple has been very slow when it comes to embracing wireless charging. This results in the need to always carry around heavy charging cases if one is looking to make use of cord-free charging. Many users would welcome this addition.

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