At the beginning of last year, Facebook made world headlines by paying a record $19 billion just to acquire the services of WhatsApp.

This is not any random buy but for sure, Facebook had a myriad of plans for this instant messaging app.

While WhatsApp owners had previously claimed that the app will never appear on desktops, things changed and it is now available as WhatsApp Web on PCs. WhatsApp also introduced voice calling services after more than five years of existence. Based on the fact that this feature came in just after Facebook had taken over WhatsApp, it means that the latter app’s original masterminds had no intention of introducing service, at least in the near future.

As Facebook keeps on integrating and immersing itself into the core services of WhatsApp and the internet communication world in general, new and better features keep coming in on this platforms. It seems  Facebook is exploring further means of making this app profitable without changing the original intention of the messenger. It seems users of this app will soon be able to use it on a business level where businesses will be able to directly send messages to customers.

WhatsApp may charge businesses for B2C messages

According to reports, it seems introducing business to consumer communication for WhatsApp users is just the first of the many ways Facebook is looking to monetize WhatsApp. Probably, WhatsApp will levy some charges in cases where a business enterprise wants to make use of this platform to communicate to their clients.

While this might sound like good news for those using WhatsApp for business purposes as they can finally reach the huge user base of WhatsApp (over 800 million people) on their most used gadgets, these users might not be impressed with the results. The end product of this B2C communication is that users will now start to be bombarded with ads, something that the original developers of the app were very much against.

Facebook seems to be migrating lots of the features available on Messenger to WhatsApp. Since it was announced that B2C is something that can benefit the company, it is possible to see it on WhatsApp as the company looks for ways to get back its huge investment.

Experiments for WhatsApp B2C interactions already underway

As it stands, the B2C communication that WhatsApp is set to bring to the fold is something meant for the long term and not short term. As of now, there are already experiments going on with respect to this feature. Users of WhatsApp can now access a new “Send” button where users can easily share anything with their friends on this platform. The Android version recently got a facelift thanks to the new Material Design concept from Google. Many more updates and features are expected to come in and, they may end up changing WhatsApp from what it was known for.

It is a fact to say that Facebook is aware of the fact that no user of WhatsApp will start to love the spam messages sent to them by businesses or rather ads on their interface. As a result, it will be a very tricky situation for Facebook as it plans to integrate this B2C communication into the most popular instant messaging app in the world.

Applications WhatsApp to Introduce Business-to-Consumer Interactions, Charges May Apply