In January 2015 WhatsApp had around 600 million active users. A few months later, in April 2015, the application had already 800 million active users and there are more and more users installing this application on their devices everyday!

Last year, WhatsApp has been bought by Facebook for 19 billion dollars, and it was well known that this messaging application had its security and privacy issues. According to the latest reports, all of the 800 million active users are vulnerable to hijacks without even unlocking or knowing the device’s password.

A random hacker needs to know the phone number of the “target” and to get physical access to his/her phone (even if it’s locked) for a few seconds. It doesn’t matter if the person has the lock screen enabled on his/her smartphone as this will not stop the hacker from answering an authentication call and intercept the “secret” PIN that’s needed to setup the WhatsApp account (ID) to another smartphone.

To make things easier to understand, the person who wants to “steal” your WhatsApp account will need to get access to your smartphone for a few seconds. Once he does that, he will install WhatsApp on his smartphone and use your mobile phone number. Then, a robot will call your mobile phone number to tell you the PIN code that the hacker needs to know in order to activate your WhatsApp account on his smartphone and deactivate it on your smartphone.


Never ever let your smartphone out of sight or else your WhatsApp account might be compromised. Of course, you will be able to recover the WhatsApp account, but until you do that, the hacker will have access to all of your WhatsApp friends and will be able to chat with each one of them.

Did your WhatsApp account ever get stolen with this trick?

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