Zuckerberg was inspired to buy WhatsApp, because in only one year, the number of active users increased from 500 million to 800 million. This is one of the messaging applications with a bright future and the developers are aware of the success of WhatsApp, so they keep improving it, adding new features which are attracting new people to register. But many of the new users don’t know all the features and we’re here to tell them everything they can do on WhatsApp.

Setting up home screen shortcuts

The Android users have the option to add shortcuts on their home screens to have a quick access to their conversations easier. They will need to go to the ongoing chat, the open the menu from the top right and choose More and Add shortcut.

Getting additional information on messages

WhatsApp allows its users to send free messages (texts and multimedia files), but not all of them are curious to check if their friends have read them. There is a feature called Read Receipts which informs the sender when his/her message has been read by the receipt, and to have access to this information, the iOS users will swipe left on the chat entry, while the Android users will tap and hold on the message, then tap on the Info button with the “i” in a circle.

Muting group chats

If you don’t want to be bothered by the noise when getting group chat notifications, make use of the mute feature. On Android, you will tap the Menu button, while on iOS, you will tap on the group name and select Mute. You have the option to block notifications for a few hours, one week or a year.

Forwarding messages and images

Maybe you’ve seen a funny photo and you want to share it with one of your WhatsApp friends. On Android you will press and hold on the chat entry, then tap the Forward button from the top right and select the person to whom you want to send the file. On iOS, you will press and hold on a chat item, tap on Forward and go to the iOS Share Menu to go back to WhatsApp.

Disabling the last seen time

In case you have contacts who bother you with messages all the time, it’s recommendable to login incognito, without letting your friends when was the last time you were online on WhatsApp. To disable the Last seen feature on Android, go to the app menu, while on iOS, you’ll head to the Settings tab.

Don’t save media

If you’re using an iPhone, you know that every image gets saved to your phone’s Camera Roll then it’s backed up on Dropbox or iCloud. To disable auto downloading and saving of photos on iOS, go to the Settings tab > Chat Settings and turn off Save Incoming Media. This option isn’t available on Android, so you will continue to save files on a separate folder on the microSD card.

Log into your account from a computer

The web feature is available for Android, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone, but not on iOS. The users will download one of these browsers: Chrome, Firefox or Opera, access web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR code with the phone’s camera, after opening the Menu in WhatsApp and choosing WhatsApp Web.

Sharing your location

When you’re out in town and want to let your friends know where they can find you, sharing your location is a feature that you’ll find useful. On iOS, there is a Share button on the bottom left of the chat. Tap on it, then on Share Location from the list and you can either enter an address in the top search bar, or you can use the map pin. On Android, you will tap the attachment icon (looking like a paperclip) from the bar at the top of the chat screen and select Location when the drop-down menu appears.

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