When running your PC or laptop do you often see strange windows popping up now and then?

If you too have been facing such a situation, your system might just be infected by a virus or spyware. Often, such an issue can affect the machine from working properly. In that case, it becomes imperative to remove the spyware and restore normal functioning once again. But, how do you do that? Here we’ll show you how to get rid of the nasty viruses out there from your PC or laptop.


We’ll start with how to prevent a virus from infecting your Windows computer in the first place. The least you can do, to ensure that there is no security breach in the system, is to install an antivirus or firewall that will block the viruses from entering through the browser in the first case. Purchase an internet security suite to install in your PC. However, even if you have security software installed that is up-to-date and still such a spyware infection happens, then ideally the first step would be to run a scan. Again, that shouldn’t be enough to fix the problem. Given that there are thousands of threats that tend to spring up in the web every now and then, there isn’t security software that can detect the issue completely.

Safe Mode

At first, disconnect the internet connection from your Windows PC or laptop. Make sure your laptop’s Wi-Fi is switched off. Now boot into Window’s safe Mode. This version allows your system to still run without causing any harm during use. Since malware cannot function in Safe Mode, it gets easier to understand what the problem is with your system.

First of all shut down your PC. Now, as soon as the system reboots and you see anything appearing on your monitor, just keep pressing F8 on the keyboard repeatedly. The Advanced Boot Options menu appears next. Select Safe Mode with networking and then press Enter. For Windows 8 systems, the reboot starts so quickly that you may not have time enough to press F8. With Windows 8 reboot, simply restart and hold down the shift key from the start. Select to boot in Safe Mode as soon as the troubleshoot option menu appears on the screen.

If you see a black screen when logged in, hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to see the menu selection screen and choose the Safe Mode option.

Download Anti-Malware

Perform a system cleanup by deleting temporary files, free disk space and the existing malware. Since the current anti-virus couldn’t detect the malware running the on-demand scanner that works alongside the real-time security software. Download the anti-virus and install. Now disconnect the internet and launch the software. Once the program opens, choose “Perform Quick Scan” option and scan first, which lets you find out the viruses in any way. Conduct the full scan to see how many files the software has scanned already and the number of malware detections indicated.

There are some malware that may disappear automatically on scanning and don’t let the software remove them from the system. These are such viruses that may have other intricate problems and so kills the scanners from trying to remove them. It is recommended that you reinstall Windows after a file backup so that the issue doesn’t persist, instead of trying to perform a removal using other techniques.

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