Forklift rentals allow you to hire a forklift to get the job done. However, you have to create a plan of action before renting a forklift. The one you are renting it from will have to answer a number of questions before you begin. Not only does planning save you time and money, but headaches too associated with inconvenience, chaos, and confusion. Below is a step-by-step guide to help you rent the best forklift for the job.

To begin with, determine the amount of weight the forklift will be required to lift. On average, a forklift has a weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. It can be very disappointing to hire a forklift only to realize that it cannot do the job, yet you have paid for it. Also, consider how the product is packaged. Is the product on pallets or just lying on the floor? Is the size uniform or irregular? How secure is the product? Is it shrink wrapped or strapped? This information is very important because you may need some special fork attachments.

What is the lift and reach height? This measurement has to be as accurate as possible. The forklift must have the ability to lift your load to that height you want it to. If it cannot tolerate the weight or reach a particular height then it is probably a waste of your time and money. In addition, it is also very dangerous to use such a forklift.

The ground surface in which the forklift will be driven on is equally important. You need to determine if the forklift will be driven in a factory, warehouse, construction site, ship’s dock, or lumberyard. The environment greatly determines the forklift that will be used. In addition, determine the required radius and minimum aisle width required, if any. You should be in a position to maneuver the forklift through the available space you are working on.

Have a budget and find forklift rentals that match your budget. In addition to spending about $100 a day for a forklift, you should know that you will have to meet other costs, such as fuel costs. You should know the amount of time the forklift will need to complete the job. Some jobs can be completed in a day, week, or even months. Renting a forklift for longer periods may reduce the per-day rates. Ask if there are any overtime charges.

Find a reputable company to rent a forklift. However, ensure you arrange early in time and that the forklift that can do the job is available on the day needed. On the day you go to get the forklift, inspect it for any signs of damage to ensure it is reliable before renting it. Make notes of the contract before you leave. Once you leave, take good care of it as if it were your own so that you are not charged extra for damaged forklifts.

While the dealer insures the equipment, you or your company needs to cover the operator and other workers, including the facility itself in case there is property damage or an injury from using forklift rentals. Lastly, arrange for transport or on how the forklift will reach the job site. However, be careful when loading and unloading the equipment to avoid unnecessary extra cost. Some dealers provide delivery services at extra cost while others do not charge for this service.

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