In 2005,the first boulevard model of the Suzuki motorcycles was introduced into the market.The 2016 Suzuki boulevard C90T is a stylish,powerful and classic cruiser motorcycle which has developed very much from the initial 2005 release model.The bike is also known as ‘blacked-out Suzuki special’ due to its overall black color.This C90T boulevard has a standard construction,exterior guards,front fender,floor boards,exterior covers,rear fender,hand grips and a kick stand.The frame of this cruiser is made of steel and it has fork guards and side cover.The tires on this bike are tubeless and are mounted on its aluminum wheels.The diameter of the rear wheel is 16inches while that of the front wheel is 17 inches
A combined set of instrumentation is present on this bike which makes it enjoyable and very easy to operate.With very effective and highly efficient hydraulic disc drakes, the rider is able to easily control the bike during high speeds or in case of an emergency.A tachometer and a trip odometer are some of the advanced instruments on the bike which reduce any error of judgement while on the road ensuring that a safe ride is always experienced.The fuel gauge and temperature warning lights are the basic instruments also present on the bike which make it easy to operate obtaining optimum delivery services from it during long rides.
The engine on this bike is a very powerful 4-stroke fuel injected V twin type with traits that are very friendly to the rider.The engine has four valves present in each of its 2 cylinders with an SOHC configuration.Each of the cylinders has a bore of 96millimetres and the engine stroke is 101millimetres.It has an electric starter with a compression ratio of 9.51. It also has a displacement of 90ci and 1462cc present in the V twin engine.The cooling system of this engine is liquid hence its spare parts and other engine accessories are very affordable and readily available making it to have a low maintenance cost. This engine is designed in a way that it consumes lesser fuel and delivers optimally for very long distances and durations.
The C90T boulevard has 5 speeds and is a manual type.It has a shaft with a heel-toe shifter as the primary drive.The steering and suspensions of this motorcycle are technologically developed and advanced with automation which makes its operation to be very easy.The front suspension is telescopic with a front fork that has a diameter of 1.6inches.A twin-sided steel swing arm makes up the rear suspension. The bike has an adjustable spring reload at the rear.
The bike has 2 leather seats;the driver’s seat and a detachable passenger seat.It has hard storage vinyl cases on both sides and they have a tank divider.
This model is relatively cheaper compared to its cruiser competitors as it has a price tag of $13,900.It is due for release in April/May 2015.

Automobile 2016 SUZUKI BOULEVARD C90T