Ever since WhatsApp started gaining popularity, it has never gone a step back.

In fact, this application has been very successfully at reducing the significance of the traditional texting or SMS services.

WhatsApp free instant messaging services  

One major reason why WhatsApp has taken over this messaging service is the fact that it offers the users with free services. The only thing a WhatsApp user needs is an internet connection and that’s it. From there, one can send and receive free messages instantly as long as the recipient has the app installed on their devices and is connected to the internet.

People no longer depend entirely on SMS services and instead, instant messages are doing the trick. Using WhatsApp, it is possible to send texts, videos, photos as well as voice notes instantly. Users of traditional texting services can make use of the multimedia messaging services, however, the ability this feature offers is far much less than what you get with WhatsApp as far as media is concerned.

Actual cost of usage

While it is known that WhatsApp is a free to use app, this is something that must be defined better in order to understand what “free” means in this case. One thing you ought to understand is that without an internet connection, WhatsApp will not work. You won’t even be possible to download, install and setup the app correctly.

There are different ways of getting an internet connection on your phone. If your phone has Wi-Fi, the better; you can access internet services for free, which means sending messages on WhatsApp is completely free. On the other hand, if your phone does not include support for Wi-Fi services or simply because there are no such services in your location, you’ll have to resort to data packs. This is where it gets tricky as you’ll have to subscribe to a suitable data pack that will keep you going. The good thing is that data packages are cheaply available and as such, it renders the usage of this app much cheaper than SMS as you can send multiple messages using a small data pack. So, even though WhatsApp is free to use, you will incur some small charges with regards to internet matters.

WhatsApp or traditional SMS?

When compared to the cost of traditional texting, it can be argued that WhatsApp offers a much better texting platform than using SMS. The different media it can handle is also another huge advantage of using WhatsApp over traditional texting.

WhatsApp also allows users to mingle in groups of up to 100 people. You can create a group and add your friends so that you can enjoy group chats. This is something you can’t get with traditional SMS. WhatsApp also comes with a collection of stickers that can be used to spice conversations and make them more fun and less boring than what SMS offers. WhatsApp still makes use of your phone number and as such, you will still be able to access all your friends as long as they are using the app too.

One small downside of WhatsApp is the fact that is requires users to pay for it from the second and subsequent years of use. However, the fee is very small, just $1 per year and you can have one of the best, if not the best instant messaging app today.

Even though WhatsApp appears to be the winner here, SMS users are still out there. Not everyone has a smartphone or a phone that supports the installation of WhatsApp and as such, they still depend on SMS.

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