Technology in the recent past has been improving at a rapid pace, something that is also directly proportional to the increment seen in the number of technology dependents.  

As 2015 moves on, the fight for the mobile market share keeps intensifying, with Google and Apple still the main centers of attraction. Microsoft will be joining the party with a new Windows 10 OS for Phones, which is expected to be out during this summer holiday. More names keep entering this mobile OS battle field and the recent name to appear is Android M, which is thought to be Apple’s iOS 9’s main rival in the smartphone world.

Google staying up to date with current market trends

As this war intensifies, these two companies keep coming up with some of the best and as it seems, the stage is all set for the launch of the new platforms, iOS 9 and Android M. Google made the announcement official in the recent Google I/O 2015 and as it stands, many fingers are being directed towards Google with claims that it is copying lots of Apple’s functionalities. However, these can be termed as shallow arguments since in a competitive world like the one we live in; staying abreast of your competitor needs an absolute innovative difference.

If anything, Android is only but ‘adapting’ to the new and prevailing market environment which happens to have first landed on Apple’s laps. Google is making smart moves in the industry with a bid towards staying updated with the current market trends. Google recently introduced lock screen notifications with the Android Lollipop, something that Apple has followed suit. Another case of Google staying up to the current trends is the introduction of Android Pay, fingerprint scanner and USB-C, however, there are some who will still claim the company is ‘stealing’ from Apple.

The new Android M is meant to take on Apple’s iOS 9 and for sure, this battle is going to be intensified by the launch of Windows 10 for Phones later this year.

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