After years and months of speculation, Fallout 4 has finally broken all barriers by not becoming the next Half Life 3.

Instead, it is now official and Bethesda is gearing up to showcase the game during the upcoming E3 2015 event.

The internet is flooded with numerous speculations and rumors almost every other day, claiming that Fallout is coming soon. But, Bethesda who was supposed to make an announcement successfully remained silent at every event and every interview, without fail. Most of the fans seriously lost interest, while some of them resorted to playing the older versions of the game with some nice mods. However, the wait has come to an end and the game is official. All the newest leaks have now been confirmed and it is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Get 20% Shaved with Pre-order

When you pre-order Fallout 4 on the official Bethesda website, the company will send you a 20% discount coupon code. You will be able to use it for your next purchase from the same publisher, maybe the next Elder Scrolls or Doom 4. Either way, it sounds like a good offer, because they have a lot of good games under their sleeve and you could shave off twenty percent off the original price. With most of them being priced at $60, this deal will allow you to reduce the price significantly, making it easy to buy some other blockbuster title.

Outdated Graphics!

If you are a serious Fallout 4 fan, you are sure to get annoyed with this comment, because people don’t like their favorite game being called outdated. But, the launch trailer which is now available ‘live’ on Youtube and also available on this page right below indicates that the graphics looks like it was made for the Xbox 360 or the PS3 console. But, the game is not getting released on any of these previous generation consoles but is coming only to next gen and PC. There is no official release date for the game yet and we hope that the developers might polish the graphics, but in a game as this, gameplay matters more than everything else.

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