This is rather awesome.

The Deftones will be playing their sophomore album Around the Fur in full during the upcoming Amnesia Rock Fest, which is set for June 18 through June 21 in Montebello, Quebec.

I love that album, and would love to see the band play it live in full. Alas, I probably won’t be making it to this fest. The site will be shut down by the time it happens.

The lineup will also boast Linkin Park, System Of A Down, Slayer, The Offspring, Snoop Dogg, the Pixies, and Rob Zombie.

Grammy-winning metal act Tenacious D are set to perform too, as are Sublime, Rancid, Bad Religion, Refused, Cohered and Cambria, and Skinny Puppy.

Ministry is also booked for the fest, along with Down, Fear Factory, the Melvins, Carcass, The Dillinger Escape Plan, CKY, Hatebreed, Snapcase, Sick Of It All, and From Autumn to Ashes.

Entertainment Deftones Performing ‘Around The Fur’ At Amnesia Rock Fest