When the time comes to shop for the best Internet access, people generally get confused because they have to choose from different plans and speeds as well as bundles and even additional features. If you are confused then the following should help explain why you should have at least 10Mbps Internet speed at home.

Depending on how you plan to use the Internet at home, you will need to look for Internet speed that addresses the bare minimum requirements. If all that you want to do at home is send emails and share photographs as well as be socially active with your friends then you will find that 10Mbps will more than suffice for your needs.

In fact, with speeds of 10Mbps you will also find it easy to play games online. Also, 10Mbps is enough for those who are interested in viewing videos and who want to upload files.

For people who want to enjoy video streaming which applies to viewing TV and video clips as well as downloading movies and even indulging in video conferencing, 10Mbps may be enough though some would suggest you go with a higher internet speed. With 10Mbps you can watch YouTube videos though the quality of image may not be the best. Even so, you will get to enjoy DVD quality and even a complete HD experience at this speed.

If you want to use the Internet for general use then 10Mbps is more than sufficient for your needs. The thing that you need to understand is that in case you are not interested in streaming videos then the internet speed does not matter because it won’t change anything other than the time it takes to complete the downloading. The Internet speed in fact does not affect the quality of image.

10Mbps is also enough for those who want to generally browse the Internet. It allows you to view pages without a problem and at this speed the pages will also load fast. You will also find this speed to be good for reading various online articles and it is perfect for reading news stories as well as to check the weather.

If you like to download albums then again 10Mbps speed is perfect because compared to an Internet speed of 3Mbps, which takes about nine minutes to download an album like the Beatles’ The White Album, at 10Mbps you can download the same album in just two minutes. If however you want to download a bigger file like the one called The Lady and the Tramp in HD which is all of 3GB, you can with 10Mbps Internet speed download this album in about half an hour.

The same file would take about two hours to download with a 3Mbps Internet Speed. This shows that the faster your home Internet speed is the faster the files download. Also, with 10Mbps you will not be bothered with factors like latency, which refers to the amount of time it takes for your computer to receive messages from websites and vice versa.

The bottom line is that 10Mbps Internet speed is perfect for most home user needs including general browsing, downloading files and streaming videos.

Network Why You Should Have At Least 10Mbps Internet Speed At Home