If you own an Android smartphone or an iOS phone, you can download VoIP apps for deriving many benefits.

However, there are many such apps, including the major ones like Skype and Viber, so here’s a comparison to help you make the right choice. Skype is a very popular app for the desktop and mobile phones and Viber comes in as a close runner up. It is also suggested that you install both these apps on your phone, as they don’t work in exactly the same way and can service different purposes.

User Friendly Features

Both Skype and Viber, are very user friendly and easy to install. However, they work in different ways. For Skype, you will have to use a username and have a password. This is the identification for the network. For Viber, on the other hand, there is no user name, as the app uses your mobile phone number as the identification for your account. This is very beneficial, as there is improved mobile integration, as the app uses your phone contacts and you don’t have to add contacts manually. Skype began as an app for desktops and has only recently entered the mobile sector, whereas Viber started out as a mobile app and is very suitable for the mobile platform.

Viber has, however, recently also launched its desktop application. When using your desktop, there is no mobile number available; so there is a need for a user name and a password. If you were more of a mobile phone user, it would be better to opt for Viber; but if you wish to communicate through your desktop, Skype would be the way to go. However, most people wish to make VoIP calls even when they are on the go; so Viber would be the better option.

Cost of the App

Both Viber and Skype are free apps. You can make calls, send messages and audio and video files to anyone for free, so long as they also have the app installed on their phones or on their desktops. However, you can also make calls to landlines or other mobile numbers through Skype paid calls. These are reasonably charged. On the other hand, it is also possible to make such calls to other mobile phones that don’t have the app through the Viber Out option, which will be charged according to your phone carrier plans.

User Base and Popularity

It cannot be said that Skype is better or Viber is better, as it all depends on whether your contacts or friends are also using the save app. An app is considered to be better if it has a larger user base, as it is more likely that most of your contacts will also be using the same app. Thus, you will be able to make more number of free calls to others who are also using the same app and thus save money on phone calls. On this basis, you can say that Skype is better as it has a larger user base, almost five times the number of people who use Viber. However, this is also because Skype was launched much before Viber. This could change in the future.

Better Mobility

As far as mobility is concerned, Viber adapts itself better to the mobile platform, as it was launched to suit the platform. Skype, on the other hand, drags itself somewhat painfully to the mobile platform, as it was initially created for the desktop platform. As for the cost of calls, in case you are considering the mobile platform with a 3G or a 4G data plan, Viber costs around 250 KB for a minute whereas Skype takes up much more. But the quality of calls in Skype is much better. As far as data consumption is concerned, Skype can be considered quite a hog

Applications Skype vs. Viber – Saving Money on Communication