The latest WhatsApp update is one that has drawn divided opinion among users of this world-famous app.

Many users are worried by the introduction of the blue ticks in the latest edition of WhatsApp. These ticks turn from grey to blue whenever someone opens his/her WhatsApp to read a received message.

The introduction of this feature has led to some people reacting to the now changed privacy settings of this instant messenger. They feel that their privacy has been haunted by this new update.

The Facebook Effect

WhatsApp is famously known for its green interface across multiple functionalities. However, since Facebook took over this company in a mega deal that rose to about $22 billion in the final stages, it has begun featuring some blue interfaces; an aspect associated with Facebook. As it stands, it seems Facebook engineers are the ones behind this new update as it is very similar to that offered by Facebook in the shape of “seen at” where a user is usually notified whenever their friend or anyone on their chat reads and or comments on their messages.

Troubled Relationships

The introduction of the blue ticks feature has had some detrimental effects on management of relationships, because there are numerous times in life when you may receive a message and feel that you’ll respond to it later. However, with the latest update of WhatsApp, it is almost impossible to do this without your friend, noticing since the moment you open the message to view it, your friend on the other end is notified by these blue ticks that you’ve actually read the message.

This feature further allows users to check for more details about the delivery of this message by tapping and long pressing on it.

This feature serves to add to relationship mysteries as people may feel offended to learn that you are just ignoring them or their messages on purpose.

Easily Bypass the Blue Ticks

Fortunately enough, there are means you can use to read your messages without the sender having to note that you’ve actually read their messages using the blue ticks’ notification. One of them is using an older version of WhatsApp rather than updating to the latest edition.

It is easy for users to downgrade their WhatsApp version by uninstalling the current version and visiting the WhatsApp website for the version that was there before this feature was introduced. In this older version, you won’t have to worry about this privacy issue anymore.

Alternative Methods of Bypassing Blue Ticks

This is not the only method you can use to bypass this non-private blue tick feature. You can use other ways to disable the blue ticks too and one of them is to switch your phone’s “airplane mode” on. Another way of going around it is switch off your mobile phone’s data connection. In this way, it’ll be possible to read your messages without the sender having to be notified that you’ve read the message. This is in line with the app’s developers who pointed out that the blue ticks would be invisible if the receiver’s phone is off; they are in a different time zone or are having trouble with network connectivity.

Nevertheless, these two options offer users with a temporary solution to this privacy issue since the moment they switch back to normal mode or switch on their data connection, the blue ticks of the sender will be visible.

The Verdict

Having said that, it seems the above solutions sound temporary. It is not known whether WhatsApp will remove older versions from their active downloads and or disable these versions. This poses a threat to those who intend to rollback to previous versions of WhatsApp in order to get rid of these annoying blue ticks.

Furthermore, the use of the two temporary methods – switching off data connection and switching to airplane mode – will only be a matter of time before you are caught up with your ploy.

This leaves users with only one viable option of using the inbuilt solutions for this problem that WhatsApp offers its users. The blue tick feature can be disabled from the app’s settings. It is very simple; go to the settings menu and from there select notification settings. From the resulting menu, click on privacy settings and then uncheck the box saying “sent seen” and by so doing, you’ll have disabled the sending of blue ticks to your message sender. However, the downside of this move is that you too will not be able to see if someone has read your messages.

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