After making a lot of promises and to tweak the game much better than it is originally now, EA games, in association with DICE, have launched a really massive fall patch for Battlefield 4.

The update is now live on the Origin servers and your game will automatically download it when you log on to play it. Earlier, DICE was saying that this will be an autumn update and we are really not sure what they actually meant by it. But, it is good to finally see the update roll out; it has some interesting new additions, plenty of bug fixes, patches and other changes to check out.

New Updates

With the Fall Update for Battlefield 4, there is a new sub-game mode to explore which we don’t have full details yet and there are many tweaks. All these tweaks were suggested by the community under the Community Test Environment program. The patch is really big and when we say this, we meant it. The size of the file is at 1.16 gigabytes, which is huge, without a doubt, for PCs. The update is now live on Origin and you can know more about it in the latest news section.

BF3-Like Changes Incoming

When you play Battlefield 4 with the fall update added to it, you will most probably feel that you are back to playing Battlefield 3 all over again. The game has been tweaked in such a way that players move similar to the old version of the game. The revive mechanic from the game has now been added and there are also changes being made to the visual recoil in close as well as medium range weapons. This has been hindering many from properly aiming down the sights and taking a shot, which shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

The name of the sub game mode as we know it is Obliteration and there will also be significant changes found in the heads up display of the game. The detailed patch notes can be found in the official Battlefield 4 forums as well as in other gamer communities. The gamers are much happier now, because many of the changes were actually the ones suggested by them in different conversations and it is finally good to see DICE giving importance to the community’s voice rather than going on their own. Let’s hope this trend continues and if it does, Battlefield Hardline is going to be a great game as well.

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