Until now, we couldn’t add any content when sending photos and videos via WhatsApp, and we had to send a second text message if we wanted to add content. However, the latest WhatsApp Android version now lets you add text to the photos and videos right before you send them to your friends.

Earlier in September, this feature was added on the iOS version of WhatsApp and it finally “landed” on Android also. To add content to the video and photo you’re sending it’s very simple. Right before selecting the picture you want to send, a text bar will appear right before you hit “upload”. There, you can write a text that will “accompany” the video or photo you’re sending. If you didn’t update your WhatsApp yet, you can do it via Google Play store. The update comes with this new feature, but it also has with improvements and bug fixes.

Another feature which is rumored to be added to this application is the voice call. Even if the officials haven’t said anything yet about this feature, it is rumored that WhatsApp will finally receive one of the most wanted features, voice calling.

Backing up your WhatsApp messages

We’re sure that any of us deleted at least once, by mistake, some messages. Some of these messages have a big value to many of us, such as photos or some nice words that we want to re-read them over and over again. However, to counter this issue, you should backup your WhatsApp messages, and we’re going to teach you how to do that.


By default, WhatsApp automatically creates a daily backup on your Android device which can be found in a folder that it’s on your phone’s internal memory or micro SD card. However, you can create a backup at any hour of the day and here is how you can do it.

First, open WhatsApp, tap on the menu button and go to Settings->Chat Settings->Backup conversations. The file will be stored on your WhatsApp/databases folder and it will be named msgstore.db.crypt7 and you should rename it msgstore.db.crypt7.recent or instead of “recent,” a word that will help you to identify the file more easily.

To restore conversations from a backup, you can uninstall WhatsApp and rename the backup you renamed and now change its name to msgstore.db.crypt7 and reinstall WhatsApp. The application will identify that you have a backup file available and it will ask you if you want to restore the conversations and you will tap “Restore” and pick the current backup file. Now, you will see all your saved messages back on your WhatsApp application.


iPhone uses iCloud service to backup conversations. Keep it mind that it saves almost everything, expect for videos. Here is how to restore your conversations on your iPhone.

Go to your iPhone Settings->iCloud->Documents & Data and turn it ON. After that open WhatsApp tap on Settins->ChatSettings->Chat Backup and tap on Backup Now. In the same place you will have an option called “Auto Backup” that you should enable and set to daily instead of weekly. This will automatically save your conversations daily. In order to restore backup, uninstall and reinstall the application and select “Restore” after you verify your phone number.



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