EA developed FIFA 15 is out and has received rave reviews from most critics.

The game is not phenomenally innovative but definitely it has a lot of new additions, some features have been polished, players look great and overall the soccer feel is still there which is what ardent fans look for. With all this said, it is also important that the game respect real life change, bans and performance variations of specific players. Earlier, in an interview Electronic Arts team confirmed that the game would be as realistic as possible.

In order to make sure it coincides with the real life changes, there will be plenty of updates released periodically which will allow the game developers to apply rules as it comes into vogue. The latest news is that Luis Suarez, the Uruguay striker is banned from the games until October 26 and the same has been implemented into the game as well. The team definitely seems serious about their offering.

Twitter Update Confirms the Same

The new Twitter update from Footy Memes that follows FIFA 15 closely confirmed the news. When the Uruguay hitter Luis Suarez misbehaved and tried to bite the Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini during the recent World Cup matches, he was banned from ‘all football activities’ for his inane behavior. The governing FIFA body confirmed that he should not take part in any games until the end of October and the same is now found in FIFA 15 as well.

If you try to search using his name in the Ultimate Team within the EA game, you would not find any results that confirm that he is unplayable now. He was supposed to be found within Barcelona for now as he recently moved to the club this summer. However, when you try to rope him in, you will receive a message from the chief executive that says that Luis Suarez will be unavailable to play until 26th October.

Exhibition Mode Allows Suarez

The same is not applied in the exhibition mode in FIFA 15. As it is more of a friendly match, you will be able to select Luis Suarez in the Kick Off mode but he will start in the reserves by default. You also have to have Match Day Experience switched on in order to get him in the reserve slot and later switch him with another player when you fix the match formation. EA has not officially commented on this yet. He is a player with an 89 score and we hope he does not bite anyone again to be banned.

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