If you were looking forward to own a hardcore Android smartphone, chances are that you would be ending your search with the Galaxy Note 4 handset.

The phablet packs a punch for real enthusiastic consumers, offering them state of the art technology, found only in the Samsung Note series.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a unique handset, but how does it stack up against its predecessor, the Note 3 phablet, let us find out. Let us compare the two handsets in terms of the hardware enhancements made in the latest version of the Note series.

Hardware Additions

The Note series is all about the S Pen stylus. However, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gains benefit from an array of features, which were not a part of the products released last year, when Note 3 was released by the Korean giant.

The fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor are two new features equipped in the Note 4 handset. These two features were a part of the company’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5 handset.

Fingerprint Scanner: The fingerprint scanner is placed under the Home Button, below the display. It functions as a phone unlocking feature along with payment authorizing mode for PayPal. The finger has to slide perfectly across the display for the feature to function properly; which has a poor success rate.

Heart Rate Sensor: It is placed on the back panel of the Note 4 handset. It enables the user to keep a track of their heart rate, by making use of a heart rate app, available on Google Play.

These two additions may not be found on the Note 3 handset, but are definitely not worth additional hardware features to make a leap from Note 3 to Note 4 handset.

However, Galaxy Note 3 comes equipped with other high-end features, found in premium smartphones, such as NFC and an Infra-Red transmitter.

S Pen stylus

In case, you were looking for hardware features in Samsung’s products, the Note series from the Korean giant, would offer what you seek. The S Pen of the Note series comes equipped with software features and core hardware. The hardware makes the S Pen stylus of the Note 4 phablet similar to the Note 3 handset.

Two major factors make the S Pen stylus a special accessory to the handset. Both the handsets make use of a digitizer layer, equipped in the display. It enables a pressure sensitive S Pen to function without the power source. Both the Note 3 and Note 4 are equipped with the ability to sense the S Pen, even before it touches the display.

The latest software adjustments made within the Note 4 lay emphasis on enhancing the potential of the S Pen stylus, making it more user-friendly. The Note 4 S Pen stylus comes with enhanced sensitivity, up to 2048 levels of pressure, as compared to the 1024 level of pressure of the Note 3 handset.


The release of Note 3 handset was a bit disappointing, especially with little upgrade over the Note 2 handset. However, Galaxy Note 4 comes with great promises for the potential user.


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