The Sims 4 team has taken up a new fight against piracy.

They have implemented something smart inside the game that keeps ‘pirates’ at bay from enjoying the rich visual graphics. Illegal copies of the game will render fully pixelated Sims 4 levels from start to the end. If the pirates are happy with this, then they are all welcome in the world of Sims. It is quite a generous and hilarious approach to stop game piracy and the Sims 4 team has sure done it well. It is better to provide a half-baked cake to game ‘pirates’ by dint of technology, rather than using restrictive measures with DRM policy or any other authentication system. This is a sharp way of conveying the message that all good things in life come with a price. Therefore, when some gamers are paying to play, why should some be allowed to access Sims 4 through piracy? It’s a complete thumbs down to piracy this time round.

Combating Piracy with a Sense of Humour

Whenever a new game is released, its illegal pirated copy also gets released in various P2P sites and Torrents. Sometimes, pirated leaked copies get on the loose even days before the official release. Despite following all the anti-piracy security measures, almost all games get a crack. Now, it’s a giveaway product on the Internet. Gamers can easily download the game and replace the original game executable file with the illegally cracked one and start playing. This is an ill-practice, running smoothly for years now. Who suffers the most are the game development companies. So, the Sims 4 makers found a way to fool pirates. Illegal copies of the game will be making a fun of piracy by showing up a pixelated display.

When It’s Un’see’able, It’s Unusable 

Gone are the days of Game CD Key authentication. It was an old school method and hackers know it well how to bypass the encryption. This is the reason game development companies are coming up with new ideas like this one from the Sims 4. The game checks itself whether it is an original copy or not, the moment you click on the executable file. If it is found illegal by the game engine, it will automatically trigger some sort of gameplay disturbances for the players. When players feel that the game is unplayable and full of annoyances like this pixelated screen rendering, they will simply uninstall the copy and rush to the store to buy a legal copy.

Other Funny Examples

Some other games released earlier have also taken up this style of teaching pirates a lesson. Some of the funniest instances are:

  • Batman Arkham Asylum gave a cape to the pirates that never glided
  • Serious Sam 3 made an ultra-fast and immortal scorpion to spawn in front of the player and it cannot be killed.
  • In GTA IV, we saw drunk camera that wobbled, leaving the game almost unplayable.

Pirates Fooled

This type of funny anti-piracy measures leave pirates clueless. They think that it is some sort of a bug in the game and eventually they post the problem in the official forum. Things turn more interesting when paying players make fun of them in front of everyone in the official forum. Pirates always keep a low profile because they know the true difference between being a pirate and a true fan who buys original games. This is the only way to reveal their true identity and send them a strong message. Either they will slip away silently, else they will buy the game for a change!

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