It can be very difficult to pick the best smartphone between the OPPO Neo and Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo. Here is a short comparison between them to learn about their specs and features and see which one beats the other.


The OPPO Neo runs on Android OS version 4.2. The device comes out with the dimensions as the follows 5.2×2.59×0.36 inches and it weighs 130g. This smartphone is packed with a display of 4.5 inches and a screen resolution at 480×854 pixels. The OPPO handset features a primary camera of 5MP and a secondary shooter of 2MP. The device is powered by a dual-core processor with a clock speed of 1300MHz and it is bundled with 512MB RAM. Also, it houses 4GB internal memory storage that can be extant up to 32GB via micro SD card. The battery unit in the OPPO device is 1900mAh.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo

The Galaxy Grand Neo runs on Android OS v4.2, as well as the OPPO device. This Samsung handset is considerably bigger, having the following dimensions 5.66×3.04×0.38inches and it weighs 163g. It comes equipped with a 5.0 inched and a screen resolution of 480×800 pixels. The Galaxy Grand Neo is packed with a primary camera of 5MP as well, which can take photos in 720 p HD and a secondary shooter of 0.3 MP, which is VGA quality. This device is powered by a Quad-Core processor, clocked at 1200MHz. It comes bundled with 1GB RAM, and 8GB internal memory storage that can be extent up to 64GB. The battery unit is at 2100mAh and it provides eleven hours of talk-time.


It is noticeably that the Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo is the best smartphone between the two described above. It is a great device due to its quad-core processor, twice as much RAM, and internal storage as well. It provides an external memory capacity double than the OPPO Neo has. From its battery unit you can get more talk-time. It has a camera that shoots and records better by all accounts, and the device comes with a larger display.

The only downside of this smartphone is its secondary camera unit, and a few of the camera functions, where the OPPO device is better.

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