The Xbox One exclusive, Dead Rising 3, has now confirmed to get a PC release.

And, in a recent interview, the developer of the game confirmed that there will be plenty of new features to look forward to. While it was said to be one of the most important exclusives for the Microsoft console, things changed after the release and it didn’t perform to the level that they expected. This will not be the only game that is going to be coming to PC, but another Microsoft exclusive Ryse is also coming to Windows machines, featuring 4K resolution.

Such things may not happen immediately, or in the near future for Playstation 4 exclusives, because the console has been going strong; but given the changing architecture of all games which are more Windows friendly, this concept of exclusivity might soon diminish, according to industry experts. The developer of Dead Rising 3 was happy to share that they are not going to bring the same game to PCs, but rather going to implement a whole lot of new features, including increased graphic fidelity, additional downloadable content, full support for mod and steam integration that is going to make it appealing to a wide audience.

Mod Support

Games on PC have always been famous for their mods, because they have the power to change the title and make it highly exciting with new contents getting released every month or so. Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition will be a modder friendly game, says the developer, who added ‘it is the ultimate sandbox game that players are looking for;. They are confident that sky is the limit as the game is capable of coping up with the crazy creations that people would come up with.

Full Graphics

For the Xbox One, Dead Rising 3 was forced to run at 720p and it was also locked to run at 30 fps so that there’s aren’t any drops during intense battles. Such restrictions are no longer necessary for the PC version and the developers have decided to go full scale with the game. It is going to provide a full suite of graphic options including 1080p, 60 fps and other visual increments. “We have gone back to the development desk, to make sure the game supports a wide range of graphic cards in the market for PC and optimized it so that it works great,” said the developer. By default, it will be capped at 30 fps for smooth performance, but players will be able to switch it off and enjoy seeing what their powerful rigs could do to the game.

DLC and Steam Integration

The latest version of Dead Rising 3 on PC will come bundled with four different DLCs that got released so far. Titled as ‘Untold Stories of Los Perdidos’ these episodes will add more game time to DR3 besides providing a whole new batch of perks, vehicles, costumes and customizations will be available. It will also have a digital art book as part of the DLC pack and seamless steam integration for mp matches.

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