Role playing games have changed the face of gaming.

So whether you want to stalk your prey as a vampire, be a commando in a world war, or simply be a paid assassin, you can don on a new role rather easily – anytime you want. In a series of brutal role-play games, The Witcher 3 is going to be another addition. This one though, gives you an extra dose of gore and blood. Here’s a look at the completely visceral role-play game.

First Look

At E3, CD Projekt RED was able to commandeer the entire proceedings with the first cut of Witcher 3. The game, which has been strangely under-appreciated, will certainly have much more to hold this time around. In fact, the first look of the game was so well received, that the developers are already planning for this to be one of their biggest hits ever. The gameplay walkthrough has already been shown in the E3. In the 9-minute preview, Geralt, the protagonist, hunts the Griffin. This winged terror, which creeps in from very ancient times, has been wreaking havoc and Geralt is the only one who can free the Northern Kingdoms from it.

The World

The preview of the game shows Geralt making way through a forest that is unbelievably detailed with crisp and breathtaking graphics. The dense overgrowth is tantalizingly heavy on the eyes and Geralt will have to call in on his Witcher senses to heighten his perception. Only when he uses his finer abilities, is he able to find the trail he should pursue. The graphics are lifelike, as Geralt pushes back the overgrown branches and leaves.

The Action

After a brief look at the forest through which Geralt must make his way to find the Griffin, comes the attack. Using his Witcher senses, Geralt finally finds the damned creature and uses his crossbow – a well-worn one at that, to take a shot at it. As expected, the arrow hits the Griffin, who falls to the ground with a merciful shriek, bloodied and mortally wounded. Its wings were raised in defiance, but with its blood oozing unstoppably, the Griffin touches the ground, but not before the amazing graphics show you the dissipation of dust and wind around the creature at the spot where it lands.

The Narrative

No game can be this compelling without a great narrative behind it. With The Witcher, CD Projekt RED was bent on creating the right kind of environment for a great story. The game has a branching structure for its narrative. Geralt’s exploits are given life and voice by the brilliant storyline and branching plot. Even when the game is seen to be gory and visceral, it is extremely well paced and the narrative is just perfect. Geralt’s seamless transition to and from the story, exploration and battle, have been fantastically arranged. It really calls for applause, and should definitely one of the pivotal points for the success of the title. There is hand-to-hand combat, spells, exploration and much more. For gore lovers, there is plenty of that too. In short, the game has a certain something for everyone.

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