Watch Dogs, the third person action adventure game developed by Ubisoft, has finally been released in May this year, on all major gaming platforms, like the Microsoft Windows, Play Station 3 and 4, XBox One and XBox 360, while the Nintendo Wii U version is still under development.

And now that the game is out, there is much more that it has on offer, besides the set story line on which it is based. The game is played from the perspective of a hacker, Aiden Pierce, who controls the entire city of Chicago just by using his smartphone. The protagonist is a grey hat hacker and has access to practically everything that the city has on offer. Thus, the game provides a number of things that users can try and do, while the game is in progress, besides following the conventional storyline. Some of the coolest things have been listed below, for you to try out.

Spying on Random People

If you are bored of trudging along the set path of the game Watch Dogs, you could try to stalk someone or spy on them, for gaining access to interesting and random conversations. You can hack into the nearby cameras and security systems and catch random people making love, having deep conversations or doing some stupid things. This can be funny at times and also can pitch random missions to you which help you increase your reputation points.

Create Diversions and Pile Ups

This is a fun part in the game and you can use it many times, as you will frequently need to dodge cops and find a way out. This can be done by changing traffic lights randomly, while you are being chased by cops or by allowing a drawbridge to go up as soon as you are near it. This will cause a commotion in the former scenario and cause cop cars to fly off the edge in the latter. It is fun to try and a big pile up of cars is imminent due to the sudden change of lights.

Create Surprise Explosions

Creating explosions, all of a sudden, can be done to provoke fun and also to divert the attention of cops in the game Watch Dogs. You can explode random looking objects with the help of your smartphone and surprise people. When cops notice such things, they are likely to get distracted and then you can make a dash to escape them. It is particularly beneficial when you are bored and want to have fun during the course of the game.

Casual Game Play and Drinking

As a normal guy, you can choose to play poker and try your hand at chess, when you are not in a mood of guarding the city. This will give you a change of mood. Also the alcohol that goes down your throat in the pubs can be seen as a blur on the screen, signaling that your alcohol intake is increasing, much like the real life scenario. These sure make the Watch Dogs pretty addictive.

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