Adobe released its latest version of the flash player called the Adobe flash player version 14.

The company has never disappointed the flash player users with its latest and updated versions at regular intervals. This has been a commendable feature of Adobe. This new and updated version of flash player comprises state of the art features, along with bug and updated security fixes. This major quarterly update of the flash player from Adobe promises to offer the user with rich and pleasing digital experience through its updated features.

The updated features in the Adobe flash player 14 would enable the user to enjoy cross platform browser based viewing of heavy internet content, applications and videos across devices. The Adobe flash player 14-beta release provides the user with access to its runtime for Mac OS and Windows desktop environments.

Issues Fixed

Air Bugs

  • When Android apps were packaged on the earlier versions of the flash player, the heap size for dx.jar used to change. The problem has been fixed by setting the dx.jar operation size to 1024, unless changed by the developer.
  • The full screen tag issue of setting the screen in app.xml, the StageText.restrict rules used to affect the programmatically defined Stage Text. This has also been successfully resolved in the latest version.
  • The OpenSSL in the earlier Adobe flash player earlier came with version 1.0.1g. It has been updated to version 1.0.1h in the latest Adobe flash player.
  • There has been plenty of stability and security fixes added to the latest version of adobe flash player.

Adobe Flash Player Bugs

In comparison to the earlier versions of the flash player, the new and updated flash player version 14 comes with ‘navigate ToURL’ and ‘send ToURL’ options. This feature means that CORS Simple Headers are now allowed in this latest version of flash player.

New Features

  • Anisotropic Filtering

This new feature enables the texture-sampling filter to improve image quality of various textures on the surface that were viewed at oblique angles. It can be done with two different methods.

  • Latest Stage 3D Standard Profile

The developers would now be able to access three new features through this high-level profile used in creating Context 3D.

These three new features are:

  1. Multiple render targets enable the developer to draw multiple geometrical drawings.
  2. Floating Point Texture enables the developer to create different kind of textures such as Rectangle and Cube Texture.
  3. AGAL version 2 consists of improvements such as enhanced registered size, fragment depth output, fractional derivative instructions and provisional forward jump.

Apart from the above given additional features, the Adobe flash player 14 comes with updated packaging engine for iOS, AIR Gamepad and Android Support for Intel x86.


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