Fear not, the DC Record Fair is alive and well in 2010. The good folks at the three ultra-cultured purveyors of deep cuts past present responsible for the Fair -- 14th St.'s Som Records, along with blogs Vinyl District and DC Soul Recordings -- have teamed with The Black Cat for a very special Feb. 14th edition of this audiophile jackpot.

Gems are the “premium” currency in Clash of Clans and if you don’t want to spend real money in this game, then you should know how you can get some free gems. Using gems you can upgrade your buildings and train troops faster, but more important, you can buy Builder’s Huts.

Getting Free Gems

After you install the game and login you get free 500 free gems but don’t rush to spend them on unnecessary things like upgrading buildings instantly or training your troops instantly. Instead of spending them on foolish things, try saving them for 3 Builder’s Huts.

In Clash of Clans, you will also receive free gems by completing achievements or by clearing obstacles. When you complete an achievement that is listed in the Achievement menu, you will be rewarded with some free gems. For example, one of those achievements is to clear 50 obstacles that are in your village. You will also get 2000 gems when you reach 3200 Trophies, and this is the best achievement reward you can get in Clash of Clans.

You will want to constantly clear your village of obstacles such as rocks and trees because most of them will give you a few free gems. A good way to get free gems fast is to let your village grow tall weeds and constantly clearing them. You will get around 1-3 gems for each obstacle cleared.  By leaving plants to grow instead of building constructions on them, will give you more gems if you let them grow a bit. At the end of every two weeks, the top 3 clans and top 10 players will receive free gems.

You can also use your gems to buy other resources such as Elixir or Gold if you are short on them.

Some other achievements that give you a good amount of gems are:

  •           by reaching 1250 trophies – 500 free gems
  •           reach the Master league – 1000 free gems
  •           score 1000 stars for your clan in War Battles – 1000 free gems
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