We can’t deny that BBM and WhatsAppe are awesome messaging apps, but there are areas where Google Hangouts is clearly better. We’re not asking you to quit using those two chat apps, but to take into consideration using Google’s messaging apps after reading something about it.

Support & Multi-device syncing

WhatsApp supports only mobile phones and BBM, besides mobile, has support for iPad, but it’s annoying for PC owners to not be able to use them. Plus, you can’t use two devices simultaneously for the same account. Although BBM allows you to switch devices for your account, by touching only a button, you will lose your conversation history. WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to switch your devices at all.

Well, this is where Google Hangouts enters the scene. You can log in on as many devices as you want, in the same time, and chat with your friends. You can switch from mobile to PC and vice versa without losing your conversation history. It’s like continuing the conversation from one device to another. Facebook Messenger is another messaging app which supports multi-device syncing.

Chatting with your group of friends

Kevin Michaluk Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations said that Google Hangouts is the best messaging app because of this feature that allows you to chat with a group of friends, so you’d better trust his words because he’s a professional.

Voice and video conference with 10 members

We’re sorry, Skype, BBM and WhatsApp users, but this is what you’re missing if you’re not using Google Hangouts. In case you’re planning to throw a party, you can have a Voice and video conference with 10 members simultaneously and it’s all free! Not to mention that your friends can receive your messages on their tablets, phones or PCs.

SMS integration

Google Hangouts is awesome because it lets you integrate IMs, SMS and whatnot messages into one app.


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