The FIFA world cup fever is on and you will find millions of people, all over the world, hooked to the game.

The intensity and emotions that the football world cup evokes are huge and even the mobile companies are willing to catch up on the fever and make the most out of it.

Samsung has jumped in the race and if you are a football fanatic, you must have seen the recently released string of galaxy 11 short movies related to football. It looks like Samsung has done an extremely smart job because the popularity of the galaxy series has been on a rise among the football fans.

The New Football Commercial

Samsung launched a new football video commercial titled, “football will save the planet”. The aim was to use football as a medium to promote the galaxy smartphone by Samsung. It looks like Samsung succeeded in delivering the knockout punch because the video was an instant hit among the masses. If you are a diehard football fan, you are going to fall in love with the video. The excellent song along with the video’s theme is mesmerizing, to say the least.

Every time there is a big event that keeps the world engrossed, companies try to come up with strong marketing ways that can help them tap the most out of the situation. Samsung was quick to analyze the situation and thereby use it to their advantage. Various movies were subsequently released and one can see star footballers featuring in them.

If you have a favorite footballer and he features in one of the short movies, you should not miss it out. The movies are excellently designed and you will not spot forced signs of marketing. While there is subtle use of galaxy phones and the movie does market the phone, it has everything that a football fan  desires.

Football Is a Religion

Even those countries that fail to qualify for football world cup make it a point to watch this game for the simple reason that it is not just a game, it is much more. It is considered a religion by many and the kind of craze and fan following that football enjoys is immense.

When it comes to marketing moves, there are too many companies that are busy checking out the top strategies that can be tapped for promoting their product. The types of marketing methods chosen hold tremendous importance.

Samsung decided to use the craze for football as their medium and they seem to have hit the golden jackpot with their move. So at least watch the movies once before you dismiss them as marketing gimmicks. One cannot help but applaud the beautiful concept used by Samsung for marketing the galaxy phones.

As long as the world cup is on, Samsung is going to be hopeful that their marketing campaign will continue to offer dividends. Do visit

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