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The last thing anyone need is to land up in jail and for most people, this can be a terrifying thing. The only people that aren’t afraid of being in jail are those who are supposed to be there in the first place. However, when things turn bad, there might be instances that you had no choice but to be arrested and be put in jail. If you need some tips on surviving in jail, you might want to read on for a little bit longer.

Don’t Think You’re Not Doing Enough To Put You In Jail

Sometimes, people wrongly believe that they aren’t doing anything serious to land them in jail and this can be a big mistake in the first place. Sometimes, you can go to jail simply because of your attitude and this is something to think about. Take Gary for example. He was driving without having his license with him and got stopped by the police because of that. Usually, people don’t go to jail because they don’t have their license with them but with Gary, he should have managed something important in the first place: attitude.

When you get stopped by the police and you are guilty of breaking the law, the situation deserves a little bit of respect in terms of silence. But when Gary and his friends started making jokes about him getting arrested because of not having his license in the pocket and on how to get out of jail, the policeman changed his mind, came back and arrested him because of his attitude. The situation is simple: he broke the law, make fun of it and got arrested because of his attitude and not taking it seriously.

Save Money by Not Paying Bail

So somehow, you still ended up in jail for some petty reason. In that case, there are two ways on how to get out of jail: either you pay the bail or use a concept called PR bond. PR bond or personal recognizance bond is when the state’s attorney review the arrests made the night before and clear out the names of people that didn’t commit any serious crime. This concept allows you to get out of jail for free, without paying the bond but there’s a catch: you’ll need to stay in jail for at least a night or worse, a weekend.

PR bond can be a great option for those that do not have the money to pay bail. However, if you get caught between Friday till Sunday, you’ll need to wait until Monday before you can be released. This is simply because the people in charge of reviewing your case won’t work until the weekdays start. In fact, you might be better off paying the bail if you get caught in the weekend unless you have plans on staying a few nights in jail.

However, this doesn’t apply to all jails in the country because each state has their own bailing process. So you might want to check with your attorney on this matter first before thinking of landing yourself in jail.

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