Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage
As you well know, the very awesome Killswitch Engage have been in a recording studio as of late, working on some new material for their next album.

This, of course, is fantastic news, made even more amazing by the fact that Jesse Leach is back in the fold.

I have long maintained the band was better with Jesse than they were without him, and even though it means less time for Jesse to write for Gun Shy Assassin, I am psyched — as a fan — that Killswitch is back the way it should be.

I’m assuming Mike D’Antonio, the band’s bassist, was laying down lines the other day in the studio.

In a recent Facebook post, Mike wrote that he had recorded five tracks so far.

“5 tracks in one day is a personal best for me,” says Mike. “But then again, these songs are all under 3 minutes, so…”

That’s awesome. I can not wait to hear this thing. Short, speedy metal tunes, with Jesse’s imposing pipes? Just as Mike described to us last summer.

It almost makes me wanna rub the tip with the palm of my hand. Repeatedly. In a polishing motion.

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