This happened last night while I was working, but I was like, “Meh — it’s just about voting.” Sure, there’s a list of openers people will vote for, but last year, when Revocation was in the running and didn’t make it, I was like, “Fuck that shit! I am never voting again. It means nothing.”

Kind of like in real life.

So who’s in the running? I’m sure you know by now.

There’s an unsigned band called Aegaeon. I’m sure they are the only unsigned band, so let’s throw our support behind them, shall we? Battlecross is also in the running as are Cerebral Bore and Hour Of Penance.

Pathology are also one of the bands you can vote for, along with Enfold Darkness, Fallujah, the very awesome Fit For An Autopsy (vote for them too), I Declare War and Vildjharta.

Vote here, you gash-basher.

Entertainment Voting Starts For Summer Slaughter Openers