How sweet it is
Sometimes in life, we’re torn between what we want and what other people want for us. I’ve been there and it can be confusing. Last night, I wrote something kind of hastily, which you may have read. I wrote it after what was a long, frustrating day at work.

By the way, over the weekend, we picked a winner for our latest giveaway: A signed copy of Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler’s new book. Now, where was I.

Yeah, so, there are times when I forget that no relationship gets off the ground without a few bumps first. And after all my years on this Earth, I have come to appreciate my own sense of self-preservation so often, I rush to react, not considering that maybe, just maybe, cooler heads might prevail the next morning.

That said, I removed that offending post, because this girl is actually important to me, and after a long chat this morning, everything is copacetic. Now, onto how we made Morgan’s day.

Morgan Thibeault signed up for the Gun Shy Assassin Newsletter, and was entered into a drawing for Chris Adler’s new book. And lo and behold, her name was chosen.

So, when Chris gets back from tour, he’ll be signing a copy for Morgan, and we’ll be sending the book her way in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Congrats to Morgan, and know this, kids. Life is a constant learning experience. I do what I can do be a better person, a more well-rounded chap, and sometimes, I falter and overreact. I’ll try not to do that again.

And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t. You may just win a GSA tee.

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