So, Ghoul are gearing up to hit the road this spring with Gwar, Municipal Waste, and Kylesa, but they don’t have sufficient wheels.

The band have created a Kickstarter project in hopes of raising enough dough to snag a new tour van to keep the carnage rolling.

“Ghoul needs a tour van and we need YOUR help, Numbskulls!,” Digestor implores.

“Help Ghoul buy a van! Being mutants from a far-away country who barely know how to read and write, and who have limited access to non-pickled-cabbage-related currency, we have a lot of trouble finding transportation in your country,” he pleads. You can see the band’s pitch video at the end of this post.

“The last tour we did we ended up lashing ourselves to the roof of the headliner’s merch truck every night after the show. Not only did they not appreciate the extra gas money we cost them, but we all ended up getting sick with the flu and Dissector was hit in the face by a passing pigeon not once, but twice. Now YOU, the noble and courageous Numbskull, have a chance to help US, the poor, benighted cannibals of Ghoul, by donating to our Kickstarter campaign. Not only will this help the band in the short term, it will allow us to tour more often and bring our message of brotherly love and peace…no wait, I got that wrong…our message of DEATH AND HORROR to you kind, generous, and physically attractive Ghoul fans. Donate now and get some junk!”

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