It’s true, dude.

French progressive technical death metal band Gorod — who I think are the best thing since nipples — have signed a deal with Listenable Records.

The label will issue the band’s fourth full-length album, called A Perfect Absolution.

Look for the new record to drizzop in March, bizznatch.

The CD was mixed by producer Frédéric “Elmobo” Motte, who oversaw the recording of the drums, bass and vocals, while all guitars were tracked by Gorod’s Matthieu Pascal at his Bud Records Studio.

The lyrical concept of A Perfect Absolution is based on the history of Kievan Rus during the 10th century.

In the year 945, Igor, King of Kiev, was killed while collecting a “tribute” when he visited a neighbor pagan tribe (the Derevlians) who lives in the forest. He left a widow, Olga, who avenged him in an extremely harsh manner before converting to Orthodox Christianity — according to Blabbermouth.

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