That’s right, kids.

Santa may have left coal in your stocking or semen on your girlfriend, but Chimaira wouldn’t.

Nope, in fact, they’re so nice, Chimaira’s gifted us all this Christmas with free music.

Go here and you can download a free digital EP, called The Age Of Remix Hell.

The EP contains remixed version of songs from Chimaira’s latest offering, The Age of Hell.

The EP contains four tracks: “Year Of The Snake (Dubba Jonny Mix),” “Clockwork (Hunter Mix),” “Year Of The Snake (Allinaline Mix),” and “Losing My Mind (Allinaline Mix).”

Remember, folks — the clock is ticking on guitarists Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries’ tenure with the band. They’re leaving the group in six days.

Download and enjoy. That link, again, is here.

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