Patrick Shannon's Hilarity Ensues
We put out a call here at Gun Shy Assassin recently to various folks in the industry seeking their Top 10 albums of 2011, and most people told us they were too busy Christmas shopping to give a fuck. But some folks did respond, and we’ll be bringing you their lists over the next couple of weeks.

Next up is Patrick Shannon from hardcore heavyweights All Else Failed; I was listening to their album Archetype the other day, which was actually produced by Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman. Patrick also happens to be one of our columnists here, and his list is more reflective of the year than just the year in music.

10: Tim Tebow — In all seriousness, the fact that a dimwitted hillbilly can ride a six-game winning streak in the NFL is more proof of divine intervention than anything I learned in twelve years of Catholic school.

9: Victory Headwaters — In the spirit of trying to keep my buying power local, my New Year’s Resolution is to switch exclusively to this ridiculously crisp ale, brewed by America’s next micro darling, Victory Brewing.

Victory is one town over from my mountain in the sticks, employs three dear friends of mine and crafts this particular recipe using only water from the creek that runs through my front yard.  I’d be an asshole not to drink it.  You would too. 

8: Mastodon, The Hunter — Although listening to Mastodon sometimes makes me feel like what I imagine Jimmy Rollins’ double-play partner in rookie ball probably feels, like, on a daily basis, this band keeps getting better and better.

“Stargasm” is one of the single most beautiful songs I have ever heard; totally stunning. Brent’s side band played the bar I used to work at several months ago, and I got to talk to him for a while. I mentioned to him that we actually did a string of dates together on a few different occasions in the early 2000s, but he didn’t remember me. He just looked at me sheepishly and said, “Man, I meet a lot of people…” I laughed and told him not to sweat it; I barely remember who was in my own band back then.

7: Sean Dog Puffy Combs and Newton — “If you want a friend, feed any animal” – Perry Farrell. Adopt!

6: The Philadelphia Phillies — Tough end to a great year. I’ve bled for this team since I was born (to a borderline too-serious Phil’s fan father), so I will take our mini dynasty and ride it as long as it lasts. Plus, they were the first team to my knowledge that produced their own “It gets better” ad, and CBP is the beer snob and vegetarian eats capital of the sports going world; I highly recommend you visit.

5: This Is Hardcore — Philadelphia welcomed us back with open arms, and Joe Hardcore and his crew at R5 run a four-day, 50-band ‘fest better than most jokers run three-band 21-plus shows at shitty dive bars.

4: Backwoods Payback — From top to bottom, inside out, I love this band to the point where I get emotional when I start to think about it too much.

3: Lady Gaga — “Government Hooker.”  Yup.

2: All Else Failed, Wouldn’t Wish This On Anyone —  Since this won’t be on any other lists, I’d like to just mention again that it’s the best thing I’ve ever been associated with and it was a thrill to work with Steve, Joe, Luke, the Daves and Mike Bardzik again. No shame in my game.

1: 2011 Ending — Yes, 2011 ending is the best part. 

I love you, Zac and Ryan.

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