And if you care, then you’re probably the kind of person I ridicule on a routine basis.

Admittedly, Chevelle released one good song some 20 years ago, but at the end of the day, Chevelle is chick rock. Rock made for chicks. It’s got no balls. No grit to it. It’s just poppy-ass bullshit that’s the equivalent of aural sulfuric acid.

Chevelle allegedly plan on releasing a new album on December 6.

In a statement, the band says, “Hey everybody. ‘Face To The Floor’ will officially be our first single, and it will be released October 10th to radio. We are also releasing the record on December 6th and we are looking forward to finally playing some new music on tour. We are working on a video concept right now and we will hopefully have it finished in a few weeks.”

Man. Will some of these bands never stop? Will I have to live out the rest of my days knowing Chevelle remain active? Chevelle flat-out sucks donkey dick. Generic rock and roll poopetry.

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