Evan Seinfeld surrounded by box as usual
That’s right, folks.

Former Biohazard vocalist and bassist Evan Seinfeld has joined Attika7, which was formerly known as just Attika.

The Los Angeles-based heavy metal/hard rock band features Tony Campos (known for his work with Soulfly, Static-X and Ministry) playing bass. I am guessing Evan will sing then?

Rounding out the badly named band is guitarist Rusty Coones (unfortunate name there, buddy) and drummer Dustin Shoenhofer. Why are they Attika7 if there’s only four dudes in the band?

Attika7’s sound is described in a press release as “a heavy drop-tuned rock/metal blend of heavy-yet-melodic riffs and hooky leads with a taste of blues influence in them, reminiscent of Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath fame. The vocals are heavy but not the death-metal cookie-monster grind. Their sound crosses genre boundaries and isn’t pigeonholed into rock or metal alone. Live, they are powerful and the songs are performed note for note as precise as the recordings.”

Sounds awful. Evan Seinfeld is engaged to porn star Little Lupe.

Seinfeld left Biohazard back in June after the band’s forthcoming CD was recorded.

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