By now, you may have heard that Testament drummer Paul Bostaph has been stricken by some “serious injury,” making it impossible to record the new Testament LP, which is being committed to tape at this very moment with help from Lamb of God’s Chris Adler and Gene Hoglan of Everything, but most notably, Strapping Young Lad.

Bostaph recently sat down to talk with “Metal Zone” and Blabbermouth got their hands on a transcript.

When asked about the injury, Bostaph went into detail: “I have a rehearsal studio of my own, and [back in March] I finished rehearsing and there was some equipment stacked around my drum set that, when I rehearse sometimes, I keep that studio a little dark…which is always good except for when you can’t see what you are walking around. And I tripped over some stuff on the floor, fell, and subsequently, a couple of hours later, I had a lump on my wrist.”

Ouch. Sorry dude. That sucks. Unfortunately, you can’t see in the dark. Like me. It’s one of those things you just develop with time, my man.

“I wasn’t sure what it was and I went into physical therapy and the lump had caused tendonitis, so it kept me off the drum set for a while,” the drummer says. “And I just have had the lump removed. I think now it’s been three weeks. And what it turned out to be was I was born with what they call an extensor muscle that was attached to my index finger of my right hand, which is an extra muscle. They removed the muscle, the tendonitis is gone. Now I’m just recovering from the surgery, so as soon as I do that, I’ll be back behind the kit again.”

Dude was born with an extra muscle. I wonder if all drummers have this? Adler?

“Usually, when it comes to, especially a wrist, or anything in particular when it comes down to physical injury, the last thing you wanna do is go to the knife unless it’s a clear-cut case where you need surgery. When it comes to a wrist, it’s such a delicate area that I know drummers that have gone and had surgery on their wrist, and now they don’t play anymore. It’s something where when you have a wrist injury, you wanna exhaust all possibilities in terms of physical therapy ’cause the problem could go away with time and healing.”

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