Devin Townsend
So long as they’re allowed into the U.S.

We’ve known for some time that The Devin Townsend Project would be back in North America for tour this October, but we didn’t know who would be opening and the dates hadn’t been released.

That all changed today.

The Ocean will open for The Devin Townsend Project when that tour kicks off October 12 in Baltimore. This time, it isn’t hitting Manhattan. I’m not driving to Poughkeepsie so I guess I’m missing this tour.

Those dates are available for your perusal after the jump.

The Devin Townsend Project dates:
10/8: Station 4 @ Minneapolis, MN (Devin solo date
10/9: Intersection @ Grand Rapids, MI (Devin solo date)
10/10: Ravari Room @ Columbus, OH (Devin solo date)
10/12: Sound Stage @ Baltimore, MD
10/13: The Note @ Philadelphia, PA
10/14: Rock And Shock @ Worcester, MA
10/15: The Chance @ Poughkeepsie, NY
10/16: The Altar @ Pittsburgh, PA
10/17: Peabody’s @ Cleveland, OH
10/18: Harpo’s @ Detroit, MI
10/19: Reggie’s @ Chicago, IL
10/21: Black Sheep @ Colorado Springs, CO
10/22: Marquis @ Denver, CO
10/24: Troubadour @ Los Angeles, CA
10/25: Slim’s @ San Francisco, CA
10/27: Hawthorne @ Portland, OR
10/28: El Corazon @ Seattle, WA
10/29: Commodore Theater @ Vancouver, BC

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