Too bad she don't like dudes
According to The-unfunny-yet-still-trying-PRP, Mental Architects have recruited former Isis drummer Aaron Harris to produce and mix their forthcoming new album.

The funny thing is, Aaron is in New England and Mental Architects are in Bulgaria. How’s that gonna work?

“They’re recording the album themselves in Bulgaria, but it’s been a collaborative process from the get-go,” offers Harris (not relation, but I wish). “To prepare, for instance, we’ve been exchanging videos, demos and sound clips. In this way, I’ve been able to see and comment on their set-up, miking techniques, signal path and environment in which they’ll be tracking the record.”

Far out. Technology for the win!

“This has been great for tweaking certain elements and understanding how the whole thing is coming together. It helps that these guys are very proactive about their band and music. They’ve been a pleasure to work with, and I’m really inspired by their dedication and innovative approach to their art. I love the new demos, and I’m really looking forward to mixing this new record.”

What do they sound like? This.

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