Coal Chamber
Oh great. This is what we need. Coal Chamber getting back together. It will no doubt happen, seeing as — at some point — Dez Fafara et al will need the money, when that offer comes. Why can’t fucking Refused get back together instead?

When asked in a new interview if he’d ever get back together with his old comrade in Coal Chamber, Dez said, “Yeah, definitely, I would do shows with them. It’s been 10 years, we put the past behind us. Meegs and my drummer Mike are clean off hard drugs.”

What about the soft ones? “The reason I left Coal Chamber was because they got into methamphetamines and I just can’t be around that kind of thing,” Dez adds. “I’m a family man and I don’t do any hard drugs.”

What about soft drugs?

“I had to leave, which sucked, but taking the money out of their pocket made them stop and get clean,” Fartfarter says. “We’ve been friends for years; they come out to DevilDriver shows. You can see videos on YouTube of Meegs doing ‘Loco’ with DevilDriver [Edit: Yeah…I’ll pass]. I don’t know if I’d entertain a reunion, but I would entertain some shows, definitely.”

Because shows is where the money’s at. Here’s to hoping Coal Chamber plays next year’s Juggalofest!

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