She probably digs TesseracT
That’s right, you lilly-livered bastids.

TesseracT have a new album on the way, and now, that album has a name: Neophobia.

That’s kind of rad: Fear of the new, I am assuming. Fear of change.

I can dig that. Sometimes, I just want things to stay the fucking same. No big changes. Why? Because I fear change. It sucks.

The band have gotten word to fans that during their upcoming U.K. tour, they will be playing a new track from the album.

Of course, TesseracT have experienced some changes as of late.

They have a new singer, after their old sucky one left to be in some pop band.

The new singer’s name is Elliot Coleman and the band have been working with him on new material. I think it is possible I might actually be able to listen to the band’s next album. I couldn’t stand them with that old singer.

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