I'd hang her from my gallows
That’s right, you donut-lovin’ dillhound.

Gallows is currently in Los Angeles, putting the finishing touches on the songs they’ll record for as their next studio effort — an EP, if you can imagine.

Tracking for the drums has already commenced at Big Game Lodge studio (which is owned by band The Bronx) in Van Nuys, California.

“Writing is going really well, we are having lots of fun in America,” says Gallows in an online post. “Food’s great, weather’s great. Not changing our name, not changing making disgustingly heavy punk rock, not changing not giving a shit about what anyone thinks.”

And not changing their underwear.

I love that they’re in America, and it’s the food they love. I guess that’s the case with most bands who come to this country. And they’re out in Cali, so they’re no doubt downing In-N-Out Burger. Lucky fucks.

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