Feel better soon dude

Feel better soon dude
Why is it that everyone I know with a motorcycle has some fucking awful crash story to tell? Every single person: “I lost a toe on 95 when I hit this soda bottle and lost control.”

Or: “My leg was nearly ripped off at the kneecap because this chick I was riding with leaned in the wrong direction, and I slid half a mile across a highway with a two ton bike on my limb.”

People, this is why I don’t ride motorcycles. Yes, cars are dangerous too. But not as dangerous. If I’m going to get into an accident, and it’s at more than 25 miles per hour, I’d rather be inside a car.

This weekend, former The Bled guitarist Robbie Burbidge was involved in a motorcycle accident that ended with a trip to the emergency room. That’s a picture of the dude from the hospital.

According to an online posting, the dude is in stable condition after smashing his elbow. We wish you well in your recovery, and urge anyone who rides a motorcycle — be careful. We can’t lose any more readers.

This, just days after the band’s former drummer was fired by My Chemical Blowmance. What a shame.

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