I wish I could get fully blown by her
I feel so bad for Full Blown Chaos.

Never has so much shit befallen such a nice group of dudes.

Full Blown Chaos have dropped off of the “Hell On Earth Tour,” which will also feature Unearth, Bane, and Evergreen Terrace.

The band cites the ever popular “personal problems” for the sudden withdrawal.

I emailed Ray Mazzola, Full Blown Chaos’ frontman, to see what was going on but haven’t gotten a response yet.

These guys really do have the worst luck. I thought my luck sucked. It does, but not like Full Blown’s luck sucks.

Today’s my birthday, and if I were to blow out the candles on a cake right now, my wish would be for better luck to come Fill Blown Chaos’ way. Not that a chocolate-covered Daisy Lowe was in my bed right now. Seriously.

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