Apparently people are kind of tired of Mitt Romney.

The graph…

That’s an notable swing and it suggests that Perry is really making waves with diehard conservatives.

Another notable trend…Ron Paul’s support continues to grow…and outpaces Bachmann’s.

So it sees like the GOP nomination is between a few players. Romney, Perry, Paul and Bachmann. Perhaps Romney will cozy up to Paul to pull in those frustrated Repubs who believe in “liberty” and want to make a difference? Or he’ll just let Perry implode on his own rhetoric.

Still, I wouldn’t want to be Mitt right now. Few are excited about what he has to say. My advice…get out there and start talking about what you would do for the country. Take media cycle after media cycle from Perry. And do it soon.

Your thoughts?

Politics Gallup: Rick Perry Leads GOP Frontrunners