Like Moths To Flames
So, people have been telling me that I should check out Like Moths To Flames. “You’d like ‘em,” I’ve been told.

Clearly, these people are fucking certifiable. I went to the old YouTube the other day, and watched one of their videos.

For some reason, I got this sudden urge to wear girl jeans that’d show off my camel knuckle, and multi-colored neon band shirts. And change my name to Timothy.

It was awful, awful music and it made me feel sad for the world…that kids will go and like this band when there are so many other talented groups they could be listening to.

Anyways, Like Moths To Flames has lost bassist Aaron Douglas who apparently just up and left the group mid-recording.

According to the band, “he bailed out on us.” Presumably, seeing as Like Moths To Flames is supposed to be in the studio with Will Putney recording a new album for Rise Records, that would mean he left amid the recording of their next LP.

Oh well. I am sure they’ll be able to find someone with a douchey haircut to take his place. There are plenty out there. I wonder if Douglas got some chick preggers?

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