Oh Glenn

When was the last time the Misfits put out anything you listened to more than ten times, if that? American Psycho, maybe? I’m one of those crusty fucks who thinks the Misfits should’ve thrown in the towel when Glenn Danzig left. Glenn’s the dude…even if he does have a glass jaw.

So, yeah, the Misfits will release a new album for some reason this October, called The Devil’s Rain.

According to a press release, the album “is not just a continuation of a historic legacy, it’s a total reboot ushering in a new era of terror. In a sense, it’s the debut album from the legendary Misfits of this decade.”

Huh? That makes no sense. I nearly had an aneurysm reading that sentence five times in a row. You’ve gotta love publicists; they know how to spin shit.

The album will feature 16 songs, including “Vivid Red,” “Curse of the Mummy’s Hand,” “Cold In Hell,” “Jack The Ripper,” “Monkey’s Paw,” “Where Do They Go?,” “Ghost Of Frankenstein,” and “Death Ray.”

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